Harbor Hounds 2018

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Harbor Hounds is a Dog-Friendly Community Fair held in downtown Gig Harbor along the spectacular waterfront.  Event sponsors set up booths to display and/or sell their products and services in Skansie Park.  Registered Dog Walkers walk with their best friend(s) along the Gig Harbor waterfront, visiting booths, making friends and getting Raffle Cards stamped by the participating sponsors for a chance to win spectacular Harbor Hounds prize packages (to be announced soon). Food vendors and entertainment are provided throughout the day.  And, we have plenty of sponsor provided watering holes along the way. The day ends with a number of fun contests for you to show off your dog.  Categories include: Best Tricks, Best Kisser (the dog), Best Tail Wagger, Best Dressed, and our fun musical Sit and Stay contest.

To register, click on the "Registration" tab in the menu on the left-hand side of this page.  You will register yourself as a Dog Walker and be directed to create a Team Pledge page to help collect additional funds for the charities we support.

Once you have completed the Registration Process, a Team Page will be provided whereby your friends and family can make pledges in support of you and your hound in this event. (Pledges are NOT REQUIRED for participation.)  The Top 5 teams, in terms of total pledges received, will receive fantastic prizes.  (See our Prizes page for more information.)

All proceeds from Harbor Hounds Sponsors, Registration and Pledges go directly to The Prison Pet Partnership, Local Gig Harbor Charities and International Projects supported through the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor, Midday.

Sponsorship Opportunities are also available.  Please visit the "Sponsor Our Event" tab for more information.

Follow us on Facebook while you wait for the walk to get here.  We welcome your friendship and pictures of your Harbor Hounds throughout the year.



Rank Name Amount
#1 Moose Lucid $470.00
#2 In Memory of Smokey Joe $120.00
#3 Lulu Flick $110.00
#4 Kate Nieves $50.00
#5 John Swiney $40.00
#6 Widget Keane $40.00
#7 Miles Zeiher $30.00
#9 Jo-Jo Weymiller $30.00
#10 Libby Williamson $30.00


8:00 am Sponsor Set-up Starts
9:00 am On-Site Registration and Pre-Registration Check-In Opens at Skansie
10:00 am Harbor Hounds Begins / Sponsor Booths Open
10:00 am

National Anthem Presentation (Talent to be announced)

10:00 am - 3:00 pm Walk at your leisure visiting vendor booths
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Children's Area Open

Children's Face Painting Mamma

  Acts and presentations throughout the day at the Skansie Pavillion
2:00 pm Dog Contests at Skansie Brothers Park (Sign up for Contests at Registration Booth)
2:00 pm Registration Closes
3:01 pm Start planning for Harbor Hounds 2019


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